Into the Sothryn Wylds

Into the Wylds

Swimming with scaly beasts (no, not alligators).

The five heroes met with Rowana Thrune at her home, a modest tower and hall on the outskirts of Valyg’s Crossing. She surprised you with a feast. Her hall was laden with roasted meats, a cornucopia of spring bounty, soup and bread and 6 different cheeses. There were also casks of beer and ale as well as a stocked cabinet of wine and spirits.

Mistress Thrune surprised you still by barely waiting for you all to be seated before tearing into the feast. For a middle-aged human Rowana kept up bite for bite with Diza and drank nearly as much. You made merry and found the wizardess to be an excellent hostess with charm, grace, and an eleven-second belch!

But then, to business. She unrolled a map of the town and it’s hinterlands. She indicated that these areas are safe but just beyond civilization is beginning to expand once more. Unfortunately the Sothryn Wylds are rife with monsters, kobolds and even dragons. That’s where the Lantern Watch comes in.

Your band has been selected as one of several that will venture into the Sothryn Wylds. Each mission will involve some goal along the lines of exploring the wilderness, finding landmarks, and making the land safe once more for mortalkind.

Your specific mission last night was Ilnvar’s Crag: a limestone abutment surrounded by a stream which finds its source within the rock. The mordspawn spellcaster Ilnvar had raised a tower and hall from the bedrock here over a century ago but then was lost in the Wilding. Now the Lantern Watch aims to make this the next safe landmark and the furthest from Valyg’s Crossing at a dozen miles from town.

The Crag is south and west of Valyg’s Crossing, roughly along the border of the forest and the swamps. Beyond that though little is known since the Wilding changed so much of the land. Still the spring is known to flow in a stream to the Valyg River and Rowana’s research had uncovered it. Followi Following that should lead to Ilnvar’s Crag and the ruins atop it.

Finally Rowana issued you a warning. The area is held by kobolds; a cruel pestilence of reptilian humanoids who live in the darkest bowers of the land or in the caverns below. Besnik was quick to point out that the largest local tribe is the Rootrenders, black-scaled kobolds descended from those who served mighty Mordalith centuries ago.

After sleeping off the feast you set off the next day in good spirit. The weather was fair but soon enough the gloom of the forest reflected in the stream you were following. The water was sluggish, weak; all along the banks for miles you saw the signs of a burgeoning blight.

Finally by twilight you arrived at the Crag. As Rowana had indicated the stream’s flow completely encircled the stony islet. The water was foul and reeked of rot. All along the shoreline the kobolds had cultivated clusters of Shrieker mushrooms to deter any from drawing too close, save for the main clearing you found. The far shore was similarly clear but surrounded on two sides by boulders, overhangs and a few gnarled pines.

So it was that you began.

You easily identified the main use of the Shriekers; they emit loud screeching when movement or light comes within 10’ of them. Slinging bullets at them you attempted to draw out the kobolds but the snipers on the far shore were coy, only firing off a couple of shots before disappearing back among the boulders. Besnik sent his Lady Thrush out for a closer look but though she couldn’t locate the kobolds she did find a concealed walkway of ropes and branches spanning the moat.

You began climbing then and the snipers became more invested in dissuading you. After taking some minor damage and beginning to lay down cover fire of your own you found that the kobolds’ position was well guarded. Your bowyers, Besnik and Njal found cover of their own and so began the tug-of-war that was this first battle. Meanwhile Saleria, Tavian and Diza had gained the balcony and surrounded themselves with an eldritch mist to hide from the kobolds’ assault. Tavian braved the rope bridge and began crossing the water.

Then things went south.

The rope bridge had been a ruse, a trap. The slick ropes were bound to half-sawed limbs and when too much weight was applied they broke, sending Tavian into the water below. The kobolds were heard to cheer with “Take that bigfoot! DRINK IT IN fool!” and seized on the opportunity, pelting the poor druid with crossbow bolts and knocking him unconscious. Valiantly Saleria dove off the canopy precipice and delivered healing energies to her dying friend while Diza crashed down behind them both.

What followed was a slow war of attrition.

Saleria and Diza gained the shore as one of the kobolds, a spellcaster made himself known to cast a spell. His familiar, a swooping dinosaur came winging out of hiding as well. It dodged arrow fire to draw a bead on the barbarian. The snipers continued their mercilous assault, now turning their attentions fully to the landing party that had just arrived. The familiar moved in, presumably to attack but was cleaved in twain by the barbarian’s thirsty axe.

From behind the boulders the kobold adept screamed!

Sniping ended. Now the kobolds’ sole goal was putting down the half-orc in their midst. While she marched up the shale-strewn beach to their position and lodged her axe between the boulders Diza was rewarded by several crossbow bolts and a half-dodged spray of acid issued by a spell from the adept’s snarling lips.

Wasting no time Saleria used Diza’s assault to conceal her own lengthy summoning. She gathered her power and beseeched he spirits of the swamp to answer her call. Saleria’s thoughts fixed on piercing jaws, debilitating poison; the bite of the giant centipede! In response a cloud of green-hued mist momentarily arose on the wall of a boulder where it coalesced into the verminous, skittering form. The kobolds visibly recoiled from the monster that suddenly appeared.

The centipede backed them off as did the barbarian. The kobolds formed a wall before their adept and attempted to ready their crossbows for one last volley. Diza beat their speed though and surged forward enraged, obliterating one of the snipers in a single blow! The others shrieked crying out in Draconian “Mordlaith’s Balls! Run for your lives! She’s gone blood-crazy!”

The trio fled, but not before the adept muttered “this is for my pet you day-walking SCUM!” and let fly with one more blast of eldritch acid. The centipede boiled and hissed, dissipating back into the mist that delivered it while Diza’s face and eye sizzled with the liquid. Even through the acrid assault though her wheeling axe drank deep of kobold flesh. As the adept attempted to flee into the small cavern tunnel just beyond the barbarian’s rage erupted on his snout, cleaving it from his face and killing him dead on the doorstep.

Staggering back from the wall of boulders Diza’s mind unclouded and she immediately succumbed to the battle-sickness of fatigue and pain, collapsing to the dirt. The rest of the party made for shore and together they quickly healed Tavian. They got behind some cover of their own and took 10 minutes to each heal Diza for another single HP so she is at least able to stagger about. You also looted the corpses of the kobolds, finding the following:

1 set: masterwork studded leather (Small size), 1 masterwork light crossbow (Small size) with 1 quiver of bolts, 1 kobold shortsword and buckler, a common club (Small size), x2 potions and x5 scrolls.

After hastily patching up the most grievously injured party members as best as possible, the party identified the some of the potions & scrolls: x2 potions: Resistance; x2 scrolls: Cure Light Wounds, x2 scrolls: Obscuring Mist (Divine) and one ??? illusion(figment) and has decided to push on into the tower or hall.

Note: can narrow the ??? scroll down quite a bit (paizo illusion/figment = 10 spells, two of which wouldn’t be faint – but the 8 remaining are pretty different from each other -so not too helpful, especially as activating a scroll that hasn’t been deciphered is a UMD check.



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